handmade glass beads · functional knit items · sewn goods

A collection of items showcasing Studio Solana. Click on any picture for a larger view.

Sculptural Beads
I simply love making sculptural beads, which is why you'll typically see more of these than any other type of bead. This is also my husband's favorite type of beads; beads that "look like something".  :)

Bead Sets
I really enjoy creating small sets of beads that coordinate with each other. Sets are great for bracelets, earring pairs and even charms!

Focal Beads
Large focal beads are something I've been making more of over the past few years. My beads tend to be smaller in size, so making larger beads is always a great challege! 

Finished Jewelry

I don't make finished jewelry very often, but when I do, I remember how lovely beads can turn out when they're combined with precious metals and crystals.

Knit Items

I picked up knitting in 2009 and have found it difficult to put down the yarn and needles ever since!  I love pushing myself with new patterns, and always look for ways to incorporate my glass beads into the overall design.

Photos coming soon!