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Studio Tour

Below is a tour of my backyard studio I built with the help of my family.  If you're interested in seeing the construction process for my studio, please see my Studio Construction Album.

Since my studio is so "cozy", it's pretty easy to fit everything in one shot. :) On the right, you can see my work area and ventilation system. The two oxygen concentrators in the lower right provide the torch with oxygen, while the red hose from the wall provides the torch with propane. On the left, you'll notice my glass stash and chili pepper kiln. Also if you look closely enough, you'll see how Johnny Depp keeps a watchful eye over my stuff. :)

Ahh...the glass. This is my supply of glass rods that I've been building for several years. A basic shoe organizer from Target and some PVC pipe created the perfect storage area. The best thing is, I can even add more pipe when I run out of room! I use a variety of glass from several manufacturers including: Effetre, Vetrofond, Lauscha, Czech, CiM, ASK, Uroboros and Bullseye.

An exterior shot of my studio. I love the cottage look of the shed, and despite being a little smaller than 48 square feet, it's the perfect size for me! The little box to the right of the shed houses and protects my propane tank.

This image shows a close-up view of my work area. You can see my torch and some of my tools. In the back corner is a vase of dipped mandrels and a DVD player. The white container holds my collection of stringers (thin pieces of glass that are used to decorate beads), and the glasses in the middle of the table help me to see the bead while it's in the flame. Lastly, the ventilation hood that sits above, doubles as my bead press storage shelf. :)